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TOUGHBOOK and forklifts – the perfect productivity pairing

Are you getting all you can from your forklifts? Equip them with rugged TOUGHBOOK technology, and connect them to the right systems, and your productivity and efficiency will reach new heights.

  • Jobs can be allocated and schedules amended in real-time
  • Job completion data can be transmitted immediately without the need for hard copies
  • Real-time stock calculations are accurate and fast
  • Time is saved and audit errors eliminated
  • Staff and resources are used efficiently and effectively

Automation points the way to the future
Automation is a growing trend in warehouses and beyond, driven by the need for 24/7 real-time track and trace solutions from dispatch to delivery. Unsurprisingly, forklifts have become a focus for automation, with the promise of 25% productivity increases. Rugged technology, such as TOUGHBOOK tablets and handheld devices, is the ideal companion to an automated forklift fleet, displaying information on product location, placement, and order priority, and sharing it via Wi-Fi or 4G capabilities for real-time communications and data exchange. And that’s only the beginning. The combination of your forklifts and our mobile solutions devices opens a whole world of possibility for your business…


Your reliable, multi-purpose solution

Durable technology for non-stop efficiency with minimum downtime

Don’t let our ergonomic and lightweight designs fool you. TOUGHBOOK devices are heavy hitters.

Every aspect of our software has been tailored to make warehouse working a breeze: from built-in voice picking capability, to easy integration with your WMS to bring you lag-free working.

With integrated options such as Barcode readers and RFID readers, hot-swap battery features and flexible docking meaning you can take one device from forklift to desk, it’s time to say hello to warehouse management that doesn’t stop – all in one compact device.

TOUGHBOOK devices are specifically engineered with the unique and challenging warehouse and forklift environment in mind.

“TOUGHBOOK devices are 7 times more reliable than the industry average”

Ultra-mobile, ultra-adaptable

Rigorously tested resistance to dust, water, drops, shocks, vibrations and extreme temperatures, so you can take your work to the limits.

Work without limits

Toughened, anti-reflective, glove-enabled multi-touchscreens for undisturbed, seamless operation.

IP-certified and meeting military test vibration standards.
Mounting solution

Custom vehicle docking solutions

Create mobile offices for your forklift fleet

Like TOUGHBOOK devices, our fully-rugged vehicle docks and mounts are ergonomically designed and rigorously tested. What’s more, they provide a complete and safety-compliant solution that’s easily transferable between vehicles.

  • Humidity, vibration, shock + temp tested
  • Meet European health + safety legislation
  • Easily transferable between vehicles - simply clamp and go
  • Engineered to optimise wireless connectivity
  • Seamless integration with existing tech
  • Multiple mount position options
Discover more about vehicle integration

Your solution, your way

As well as off-the-shelf options, our docking solutions can be fully customised too. From conception to installation and beyond, our experts will work with you every step of the way to design the perfect docking solution to meet your business requirements.

Why fixed computers could cost you

At some point, every year, each of your forklifts will naturally be interrupted for a number of hours due to planned servicing or unplanned maintenance.

With fixed computers, whenever that happens, the computer is out of action too.

And conversely, should the computer need to be repaired, serviced or updated, the forklift itself becomes unusable.

Spread this across a large fleet and you could be losing significant working hours…and money.

Our specialist docks feature VESA mounting plates, meaning your devices can be moved easily and securely from bracket to bracket, and vehicle to vehicle. No damage and no downtime.

Driver’s safety and security

Safety first. Always.

Looking after your important assets

Your operators need instant access to digital information at their fingertips. But nothing should compromise their safety or your security.

Our screen-blanking software automatically disables device screens when vehicles are moving, reducing the risk of driver distraction. In addition, automatic screen lock on idle devices ensures any sensitive data remains fully protected.

  • Choose the best positioning for your mounts – including sidebar, overhead and windscreen
  • Meet all safety regulations – our docking recommendations always meet the latest EU guidance
  • Meet every working challenge – our bespoke docks and mounts are tested to TOUGHBOOK standards for vibration, humidity and temperature
  • Select from off-the-shelf options where backwards compatibility allows for integration with existing technology
  • Specify bespoke bracketry and fixings if required
Wireless connectivity

Optimised wireless connectivity

Truly mobile productivity

To guarantee the smooth running of your operations, your drivers require instant and uninterrupted access to vital stock information, delivery scheduling, and communications. They also need to be able to capture and share data on the go. No delays. No downtime.

With optimised connectivity a must in today’s working world, our engineers are here to help you with first-class network integration support

For environments where excellent wireless signal is crucial, TOUGHBOOK devices feature optimised WiFi antennae, meeting the highest levels of connectivity standards for seamless connectivity. So you can enjoy high speed, low latency working, with stronger signal and ultimate connection stability.

Built-in for better

Our devices come with integrated LAN, wireless LAN, and Bluetooth as standard, with optional WWAN (3G/4G) and GPS capabilities available for real-time information sharing and communication. Helping to reduce errors, improve speed and streamline workflows.

Extra efficiency

Our external antennas increase signal strength when in remote locations.

Power supply

More power to (and from) your forklifts

Made-to-measure power supply and management

To stay productive, your forklift computers need access to power. TOUGHBOOK devices stay powered-up wherever your forklifts go, thanks to class-leading extended battery life, flexible input/output configuration options, and hard-wearing, lightweight power adaptors that can cope with fluctuating temperatures and the challenging conditions of warehouse working.

Flexible power delivery

You can choose from fully rugged forklift DC/DC adaptors, developed specifically to prevent power surges and damage to your mobile devices. Available for 12-32Vdc, 20-60Vdc and 70-110Vdc power sources, the cable lengths and connectors can be customised to your exact requirements.

Performance that lasts

Extended battery life. Hot and warm-swap options. Up to 24-hour operational capabilities.

TOUGHBOOK devices can handle multiples shifts and multiple workers.

Power delivered how and when you want it

TOUGHBOOK has partnered with Lind Electronics to combine our devices with the Lind Shut Down Timer (SDT), that protects your forklift batteries and communications equipment from over-discharge, low voltage and high-voltage damage. It also means your computers are powered on or off in conjunction with your forklifts being started up.

Did you know?

Our docks and mounts can also be engineered to further optimise the wireless connection of your mobile computers thanks to optional dual-antenna pass-through?

OMNIA VOICE and software Solutions

The TOUGHBOOK is just the start

Beyond the hardware

TOUGHBOOK laptops and handheld devices are powerful tools. But connect them to a wide range of software, accessories and rugged peripherals, and they become the ultimate companion for your forklift fleet.

Make voice do the work

Developed as part of our end-to-end TOUGHBOOK Omnia software, you can now specify your rugged devices with voice capability. Operational even in noisy industrial environments, it delivers significant improvements in productivity, accuracy and efficiency. Your forklift operators simply use voice commands to carry out picking, repair and inventory taking, while being free to perform other tasks simultaneously.

Software developed for you

We can also develop customised software and apps including custom image creation, personalised landing pages and applications, designed for your business and forklift workers.

Multiple connections, multiple capabilities

The TOUGHBOOK devices in your forklifts can be specified with – or connect to – a wide range of specialist peripherals, including barcode and fingerprint readers, mobile printers, USB drives, multi-bay chargers, external PCs and monitors, and much more.

You’ll find more information on our rugged accessories here.

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Finance options for your tech

What exactly is it?

A unique monthly payment model for your TOUGHBOOK solutions.

Why should I be interested?

You’ll have access to the latest forklift technology, entirely personalised to your business. With no large upfront costs. End-of-life services included!

What’s more…

Because TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service is subscription-based, you’ll benefit from the OPEX way of doing business. So, it’s better for your balance sheet.

What can be covered in my payment package?

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